Dr. J. I. Frank, MD, FAAN, FAHA

You First Neuro was established by Dr. Frank, a physician with more than 30 years of experience as an academic neurologist and thought leader in his field. Now, he fully dedicates his time to helping patients with neurological problems and providing exciting new interventions for patients with mental health problems such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and ketamine. Dr. Frank was a founder of his subspecialties of neurocritical care and vascular neurology (stroke), built two of the most reputable neurocritical care programs in the USA, conducted cutting-edge and field changing research, trained hundreds of students, and mentored colleagues from around the world. However, throughout all of those accomplishments, Dr. Frank has always been known for his unique, practical, and compassionate approach to his patients and their families. And he continues to bring this same hand-on, caring approach to every patient in his practice, pushing the envelope to help those with mental health and neurological issues.

Mental health patients see Dr. Frank to be considered for some of the newest available treatments, typically in close collaboration with their existing mental health providers. As a careful listener, Dr. Frank strives to understand the lives and suffering of these patients to carefully determine what he may have to offer to help them, appropriately reaching out to present and past providers to be sure that he can develop the most comprehensive view of the problem.

Neurological patients come to see Dr. Frank from near and far for his respected opinion and guidance, often after they have already been evaluated at some of the most reputable medical centers in the country. On a case to case basis, Dr. Frank engages other relevant specialists to ensure that all patients receive the attention and depth of thought that their situations require – guiding them through complex problems with a level of thoroughness and compassion that is rare in medicine these days.

30 years of world-renowned care

In spite of his many accomplishments, Dr, Frank is a humble physician who brings his experience to each patient with depth and genuine compassion. Also, he has a wide network of colleagues who are readily available to join the team when necessary. This may include:

  • other medical specialists
  • physical therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • speech therapists
  • nutritionists
  • massage therapists

Dr. J.I. Frank understands the importance of communication with the patient and between all members of the health care team to assure proper coordination of care. This critical step is often missing, but it is especially important when caring for patients with neurological problems


Dr. Frank accepts Medicare. He is In Network with most Aetna, Cigna, and United Health care policies.

Dr. Frank will see ANY patient with ANY insurance. However, he be considered out-of-network with some insurances. This means that your visit with Dr. Frank will apply to your out-of-network benefits if you have insurance other than above. When requested, Dr. Frank and his office staff will reduce his charges to the “In Network Allowed Amount”. However, that lowered charge will still apply to your out-of-network benefits.

This arrangement is best for his patients and allows Dr. Frank the freedom to invest in each individual patient without the traditional obstacles encountered by most doctors.

For TMS patients, Dr. Frank will be considered ‘in network’ with MOST insurers for TMS treatment. This happens through special arrangements that are facilitated during the authorization process that Dr. Frank achieves personally after your visit with him. 


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