Routine Neurological Consultation

A doctor and nurse looking at an x-ray.

The Expert 2nd Opinion

One of the most common services offered by Dr. Frank is a routine neurological consultation. Whether you have been referred by your doctor or you seek another opinion on your case, Dr. Frank is available to assist.

Many neurologists in private practice offer this type of service. However, Dr. Frank is a neurologist who has been a successful academic neurologist and full Professor; a leader in the field as a clinician, researcher, educator, and practice-changing innovator. Patients rarely are able to have access and significant time with a neurologist with his experience and accomplishment.

Furthermore, the amount of time Dr. Frank spends with each patient is very unique. He will spend the necessary time to:

  • fully prepare for your appointment
  • take a very thorough and thoughtful history
  • perform a comprehensive neurological and general physical examination
  • arrange for the appropriate diagnostic testing
  • coordinate a thoughtful treatment plan
  • and fully educate you about your problem and his impression and recommendations

Once you have been evaluated by Dr. Frank, you immediately know that you can trust that you have seen the expert who will truly help you either directly or through other trusted colleagues.

Are you interested in a routine neurological consultation, click here to schedule your appointment.

Cynthia W

Cynthia W (nursing student with cerebral venous thrombosis missed by other doctors)

“I am a 24 year old nursing student, and Dr. Frank recognized that the routine tension headache (diagnosed by my primary care physician and a neurologist) was actually due to an unusual blood clot in a deep vein in my brain. He also discovered the cause. Had he not been involved with my care, it is clear that I could have suffered brain damage or died. Even though my situation was scary, Dr. Frank put me (and my parents) at ease right away and managed the problem in a way so that I did not have to miss any school. He is amazing. I am now a practicing nurse who has worked with many doctors, but Dr. Frank is the finest doctor I have ever met. My parents agree!”

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