Neurologic Crisis Consultation

A woman is holding out her hand with a brain on it.

The Expert 2nd Opinion

Some neurological problems present catastrophically sudden and potentially disabling and/or life-threatening. That’s why the neurologic crisis consultation service by Dr. J.I. Frank is so beneficial. It is overwhelming, and patients and their families often find themselves in need of urgent guidance from trusted specialists beyond those already involved or readily available locally. This type of consultation is most frequently sought by a patient’s loved ones when they fail to have full confidence in the medical team or they need additional expert guidance about the medical situation, projected plan, or prognosis.

As an internationally respected neurologist specializing in neurocritical care and stroke, Dr. Frankhas more than 25 years of experience seeing patients with extreme neurological problems. When consulted, he employs a well-defined process to meet the needs of the patient and family who are seeking help. He is skilled at interacting with local professionals with cultural sensitivity and respect that enables real collaboration to help the patient.

Help for Patients and Families

When Dr. Frank encounters a patient in a crisis from anywhere in the world, he is well aware that helping the patient’s loved ones (in addition to the patient) through thoughtful communication is an important part of his role. And he does this uniquely well, knowing that it requires time, patience, listening, and educating. Once people engage Dr. Frank, he is available 24-7 to assist from anywhere in the world.

Sometimes families are told that the patient in an extreme neurological crisis has a poor prognosis that justifies allowing the patient to die. This can be very hard to confidently accept perhaps due to the:

  • the suddenness of the situation
  • severe acuity of the problem
  • demeanor and/or approach of the treating healthcare professionals

Families/loved ones often need the comfort achieved by taking an extra step of engaging a truly experienced professional who will be rapidly available to:

  • listen to the concerns
  • thoroughly review the medical information
  • provide thoughtful guidance to supplement the treating team’s approach

In some case, the care approach is inadequate or there are other treatment alternatives to consider. Dr. Frank and his team will attempt to respectfully guide the care perspective of the treating physicians or facilitate safely transferring the patient to the care of other professionals.

Peace of Mind

Upon engaging Dr. Frank, you will immediately have a specialist fully committed to helping you understand the clinical situation and guiding the local medical care team toward the most appropriate care decisions. It is never easy to have a loved one dealing with a neurological crisis. The most important step you can take is to be sure that the care is appropriate and that the information you are being provided is coherent. While Dr. Frank cannot make every patient better, his involvement will give you the peace of mind that a real expert is:

  • listening to your concerns
  • thoroughly reviewing the relevant clinical details
  • truly committed to helping your loved one and you


When patients are in an extreme neurological crisis, they often need more than a neurological consultation:

  • The patient may require a transfer to another institution nearby or far away.
  • The local medical team may need a leader to facilitate communication between specialists or challenge certain clinical decisions.
  • The patient’s loved ones may need assistance in planning for recovery – where it should happen and what should be provided to optimize the outcome.
  • If the neurological crisis was caused by an avoidable medical error, someone will need to speak up and address accountability for the error.

When you engage Dr. Frank for neurological crisis consultations, you can depend on the fact that he will be fully invested as an advocate in all realms of care. He has the extensive experience that allows him to anticipate what will be required. Dr. J.I. Frank is often able to accomplish even some of the most challenging tasks.

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Benjamin H

Benjamin H (brother of a patient with brain injury from low blood flow)

“When my brother unexpectedly developed a brain injury, I requested Dr. Frank’s assistance. We were told by the doctors that he would never improve. They were wrong, and Dr. Frank made that clear to us after reviewing the records and scans that we sent to him. We could see that my brother’s care was affected by their pessimism. Dr. Frank quickly traveled to see my brother, and he interacted with the doctors in a way that helped them trust him and listen to his advice. Dr. Frank has helped my brother and our family so much, from far away and in person. Beyond his medical help, Dr. Frank has helped us understand and prepare for the recovery process. He continues to help my brother and my family during this very hard time when we feel abandoned by doctors. We are blessed to have Dr. Frank in our lives.â€Â

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