If you believe that a visit with Dr. Frank is the right next step for you or your loved one, read through the following information carefully. We want you to know what you can expect during the initial visit and what will be required from you.

A Different Kind of Neurological Consult

Neurological patients often require extra time and attention, particularly when the condition is complicated and/or requires review of extensive medical information. This is in contrast to the limited time neurologists allocate to each patient encounter these days in almost all settings – private and academic.

Dr. Frank developed his special approach to patients appreciating this glaring problem and striving to provide neurological patients with the time they need from an experienced academic neurologist to:

  • fully understand their clinical problems
  • approach their issues comprehensively with a holistic mindset
  • facilitate the necessary coordination of each patient’s healthcare team to affect the best outcome

Initial Contact
You can initiate contact with Dr. Frank by email or telephone. This will trigger a response to your request for an appointment. If you have an urgent situation, rest assured that your initial contact will be reciprocated with a timely response appropriate to the situation.

Initial Analysis
Dr. Frank will review all of the pertinent medical information including pertinent medical records, analyzing diagnostic tests, and speaking with other involved health care providers. Dealing with neurological problems can be overwhelming. But Dr. Frank will do his best to help you through his thoroughness and attentiveness. 

Your Office Visit
When your scheduled appointment occurs, you will meet 1:1 with Dr. Frank first. His goal for this visit is to:

  • learn more about you
  • fill in gaps to better understand your problem and goals of the appointment
  • perform a complete physical and comprehensive neurological examination.

This will lead to initial conclusions about your problems and an initial strategy for management. Sometimes Dr. Frank will order additional relevant tests and/or refer you to other health professionals who work closely with the Dr. Frank. 

Follow Through and Availability
Dr. Frank brings his academic intensity and experience to your care with every encounter. He gives you a unique level of attention and follow-through. This is important for providing you with the best care and what is best for you as an individual. Dr. Frank will always responsibly follow-through with your care and make sure that you are fully educated about your problem. This will happen through 1:1 discussions with Dr. Frank, thoroughly explaining his thoughts and the plan.

Urgent Consultations
Dr. Frank is available for urgent consultations (local and international) even when all of the medical information is not readily available. Dr. Frank has extensive experience with these situations and will rapidly determine the best pathway to get engaged with the process and help you or your loved one.

Prior to your visit

  • Someone from Dr. Frank’s office will need to speak to you and gather some information to schedule your appointment.
  • In non-urgent cases, Dr. Frank will require your medical records to be submitted to the office, and the office staff will facilitate this step.
  • If certain situations and if approved by you, Dr. Frank may speak with some of your current health care providers.

For your visit

  • The timing and duration of the first visit will be scheduled based on what Dr. Frank discovers from the intake process and review of all of the pertinent medical information.
  • Dr. Frank will always work hard to be prepared for your visit in a way that allows him to achieve the most from your time together to help you. Sometimes it may take more than one visit for Dr. Frank to full absorb your problem or follow-up on test results relevant to his impression and recommendations. 


Dr. Frank accepts Medicare. He is also an In Network provider for United Health Care, including United Health Care Advantage programs. 

However, Dr. Frank will see ANY patient with ANY insurance. Even though he is out-of-network for many insurances, when requested beforehand, he will reduce the accepted payment for his services to the in network allowed amounts. While this reduction can be less than his customary charges, they still will be applied to your out of network benefits.  

For TMS patients, Dr. Frank will be considered in network by most insurers for TMS treatment. This happens through special arrangements that are facilitated during the authorization process, and Dr. Frank helps you accomplish these In Network Exceptions

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