Bo Tox for Neurological Indications

Botulinum Tox (BoTox) can be a very effective treatment for:

  • Reducing the frequency of chronic migraine (or chronic daily headaches)
  • Improving spasticity
  • Improving dystonia

Dr. Frank is skilled at using BoTox for treatment of these neurological problems, but the treatment is not for everyone. Through Dr. Frank’s thorough evaluation, he is able to thoughtfully select patients who may benefit from these treatments.

When it is appropriate, Dr. Frank is very comfortable with injecting the BoTox for these various neurological indications. His many years focusing on the procedure-intense field of neurocritical care, allows him to be uniquely qualified to safely perform these procedures.

If you feel that you have a neurological problem that may benefit from BoTox, make an appointment with Dr. Frank. He will take the time to understand your problem and potential candidacy for BoTox or any other treatment that may help you.

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