Complex neurological consultations

A surgeon holding up an x-ray of the head.

Some neurological problems are highly complex and require extra time and care coordination. Typically, patients with these complex neurological problems have already been evaluated by at least one other neurologist and/or neurosurgeon. Patients and, often, their families seek Dr. Frank when they realize that they need complex neurological consultation. They need an experienced neurologist who is willing to spend more time to better understand the problem and provide thoughtful guidance. One who can tailor the approach to their unique situation and needs. Primary doctors often refer such patients to Dr. Frank when they appreciate that the problem complexity requires a special approach.

The YouFirstNeuro Difference

Neurologists in academic practice sometimes provide this type of service. Unfortunately, the allocated time is often inadequate to fully address all the patient’s relevant issues. Also, the consultations in an academic setting often involve many mid level providers and trainees who separate the patient from the experienced neurologist whose opinion they seek.

A Different Type of Consult

At YouFirstNeuro, Dr. Frank and his team provide an unparalleled depth of service, dedicating the time necessary to fully learn about you as an individual and address the presenting clinical problem in its entirety. Their approach has helped patients and their families through complex neurological consultations.

Before arriving, Dr. Frank takes the time to understand your presenting problem. This typically involves direct communication with you to learn more about your history and concerns. Then, with your assistance, he will arrange to review the pertinent medical records. This will then help him strategically plan your appointment to be sure it accomplishes what you need to fully address your neurological problem and the mutually agreed upon goals of your connection.

Out of town assistance now available

Dr. Frank frequently consults on patients who travel from long distances to gather his expert guidance. If this is your situation, YouFirstNeuro is able to assist you with making convenient travel and housing arrangements. The main office is only 20 minutes from O’Hare airport outside of the hassles of the city.

If you or someone you know is in need of a consultation for a complex neurological problem, please, click hereto schedule your appointment.

Helen S

Helen S (husband of a woman with a brain aneurysm)

“When I was diagnosed to have a brain aneurysm, I was referred to Dr. Frank by physician friends who are aware of his unique expertise and thorough approach. We were not disappointed. After seeing several neurologists and neurosurgeons, it was clear that Dr. Frank is in a league all his own. I was so impressed when we met him for the first time. He had thoroughly reviewed all the records and had called some of the physicians to make sure he fully understood what had been done and what was being advised. He listened carefully tome and did a more thorough examination than any doctor I have ever met. His advice was sound, and his explanation was so clear. Suffice it to say, I quickly trusted Dr. Frank completely. Since then, he has been available and present in a way that has truly helped me make the best decisions for me as a person, mainly involving monitoring and avoiding surgery. I am so pleased with this approach. Other doctors pushed me to have surgery, and Dr. Frank was the first doctor who really listened to me and shared important facts that helped me feel that is was okay to choose a different management approach.”

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