“When I was diagnosed to have a brain aneurysm, I was referred to Dr. Frank by physician friends who are aware of his unique expertise and thorough approach. We were not disappointed. After seeing several neurologists and neurosurgeons, it was clear that Dr. Frank is in a league all his own. I was so impressed when we met him for the first time. He had thoroughly reviewed all the records and had called some of the physicians to make sure he fully understood what had been done and what was being advised. He listened carefully to me and did a more thorough examination than any doctor I have ever met. His advice was sound, and his explanation was so clear. Suffice it to say, I quickly trusted Dr. Frank completely. Since then, he has been available and present in a way that has truly helped me make the best decisions for me as a person, mainly involving monitoring and avoiding surgery. I am so pleased with this approach. Other doctors pushed me to have surgery, and Dr. Frank was the first doctor who really listened to me and shared important facts that helped me feel that is was okay to choose a different management approach.”
Helen S (woman with a brain aneurysm)
“When my daughter (17 years old) rapidly developed an unusual movement disorder that no other doctor could understand, we were referred to Dr. Frank through family friends. He was available within minutes of our contact, listened to our concerns, and spoke with my daughter. By the following day he had reviewed all of the records and spoken with several of her doctors. We flew a long distance to see Dr. Frank, but it was so worth it. He spent the necessary time to listen carefully and fully examine my daughter. Eventually, Dr. Frank determined the cause of her problem (a reaction to a recent infection) and reassured us that it would fully resolve. He stopped many medications prescribed by the previous doctors because they were making my daughters sick. And, as promised, she gradually improved completely. Dr. Frank gave us the confidence to be patient, optimistic, and avoid medications that were making things worse. My daughter is now perfectly well, and we will forever be grateful for having Dr. Frank in our lives when we needed him most.”
Liz S (mother of teen with a rare movement disorder)
“When I was told he had a stroke, I was referred to Dr. Frank after I had seen several brain specialists who failed to build my confidence that the best care was being delivered. Although he was a distance away, traveling to see Dr. Frank was the right decision. Different than what other specialists had told us, Dr. Frank quickly recognized that I did not have a stroke. I had a benign brain tumor that was causing episodes that appeared like strokes. The brain scans were not interpreted correctly. And Dr. Frank discovered this only by listening carefully to me, doing his examination, and carefully reviewing my scans. Eventually, he connected me with an amazing neurosurgeon who he trusts, and the tumor was successfully removed. I am now well years later because of Dr. Frank’s expertise and attention to detail.”
Richard T (man with a brain tumor misdiagnosed as a stroke)
“I am a 24 year old nursing student, and Dr. Frank recognized that the routine tension headache (diagnosed by my primary care physician and a neurologist) was actually due to an unusual blood clot in a deep vein in my brain. He also discovered the cause. Had he not been involved with my care, it is clear that I could have suffered brain damage or died. Even though my situation was scary, Dr. Frank put me (and my parents) at ease right away and managed the problem in a way so that I did not have to miss any school. He is amazing. I am now a practicing nurse who has worked with many doctors, but Dr. Frank is the finest doctor I have ever met. My parents agree!”
Cynthia W (nursing student with cerebral venous thrombosis missed by other doctors)
“Dr. Frank literally saved my father’s life time and time again. The first time we asked for his help, he was available immediately. Even though Dr. Frank is 7000 miles away and from a different country, he is more available, expert, and caring than any doctor we have met anywhere else in the world. My father has Parkinson’s disease and neuropathy, and he was dying from a lung problem. He was on a breathing machine and we were told he would be that way forever. But we made contact with Dr. Frank, and he quickly understood things differently. After working with the doctors here by phone and text messaging, he realized he needed to come in person to help. And he did. He quickly developed a trusting relationship with the doctors, and he was able to change the plan in a way that helped my father come off of the machine and get home. Dr. Frank has stayed in close touch and been back to see my father several times since then. He is loved by my father and my entire family. I can confidently say that our father is still alive and enjoying life because of Dr. Frank’s help.”
Essam A (son of a patient with Parkinson’s disease on a ventilator)
“When my brother unexpectedly developed a brain injury, I requested Dr. Frank’s assistance. We were told by the doctors that he would never improve. They were wrong, and Dr. Frank made that clear to us after reviewing the records and scans that we sent to him. We could see that my brother’s care was affected by their pessimism. Dr. Frank quickly traveled to see my brother, and he interacted with the doctors in a way that helped them trust him and listen to his advice. Dr. Frank has helped my brother and our family so much, from far away and in person. Beyond his medical help, Dr. Frank has helped us understand and prepare for the recovery process. He continues to be help my brother and my family during this very hard time when we feel abandoned by doctors. We are blessed to have Dr. Frank in our lives.”
Benjamin H (brother of a patient with brain injury from low blood flow)
“Dr. Frank is the finest doctor I have ever met. He has become like a family member. When my father became very sick from a stroke, we called Dr. Frank to help us. We heard of him from families and doctor friends who have interacted with him here in my country. Until Dr. Frank was involved, the medical care was disorganized and we were told that my father would never improve. Dr. Frank felt differently, and he traveled here to help. The local team of doctors quickly respected Dr. Frank. This was not an easy accomplishment. But he knew how to interact with them in a way that helped them feel he was part of their team. Dr. Frank saved my father’s life. He helped him get home, he has coordinated his home care team to be sure that they are doing their best to help my father stay well. Between his visits to our country, Dr. Frank was always available to my father and our family even more quickly than the doctors in our own country. He is one of a kind.”
Sarah A (daughter of a patient with several strokes)
“When my newborn baby had a life-threatening neurological problem, I immediately contacted Dr. Frank after we learned of his expertise and international practice. He responded quickly, and within hours was already speaking with local specialists and reviewing records and scans to help us be sure that my son received the best treatment for his problem. He helped connect us with a new and better team of doctors in our country, and he also quickly put together a team of doctors in the USA in case we needed to urgently transfer him. The local doctor quickly responded to Dr. Frank and worked with him to make the best decisions for my son. I am sure that my son is alive and has a better future because of Dr. Frank’s help.”
Karen A (mother of a newborn with hydrocephalus)

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